Unlock the Chains Collective is an Oxford based company that is committed to exploring poetry as a theatrical form and presenting the Black experience, culture and identity with new work for the stage.

The company produced ‘Ending The Silence’ in 2018 in conjunction with the publication of a book of poetry on which the production was based. I have also worked on the most recent production in development ‘Still Breathing’.

My role was to promote productions through e-newsletters, website and social media as well as contacting local media about the production to get press coverage about the show. I also designed and produced the show programme.

The company is co-producer on another production by Kuumba Nia Arts – SOLD The Mary Prince Story. This award-winning production most recently gained Two OFFIES in 2022 for Lead Performer in a Play and Supporting Performer in a Play.

For this production I was engaged to design publicity and programme and arrange local distribution, write and distribute press releases to get press coverage and write articles for publication in print and online media as well as running their social media campaigns for tours.